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Fruit gift baskets and boxes are perfect gifts for the holidays or any special occasion!

Gift baskets and boxes can be customized to include almost anything in our store*, as well as items you bring in.**  Choose from our various fruit butters, jams, jellies and candies, or keep it simple as just a fruit basket or box.

Gift Baskets come in many different shapes and varieties and can
range in prices from $12.95 and up.  At Holiday time, we have several baskets already made-up and on display to make an easier selection.  Perfect for that special someone, business associate or the office.

Gift boxes are mainly apples and citrus fruits since these tend to ship better than other fruits.  Gift boxes come in a couple of different sizes ranging in prices from $17.95 and up (plus the cost of shipping & handling).  We can ship most anywhere in the continental United States and we usually will ship on a Monday so the fruit doesn't sit over the weekend.

Give us a call or stop by and place your order today! 

* Some fruits do not ship well.  Some items may not be able to be customized into the basket or box.  Extra items are an additional cost.  Bakery items and apple cider cannot be included in baskets and boxes because they perish too quickly.

** Your items must be present at the time of ordering.  We reserve the right deny including items in the gift basket or box that are not from our store.

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